About WOW Facial

A six stage facial rejuvenating treatment using the WOW facial Fusion Device (TM) and WOW Facial Light therapy mask, giving you the WOW factor.

WOW facial® is the ultimate transformational skin treatment, 75 minutes and 6 stages of pure skin nirvana, we will bespoke and tailor your WOW facial® at every stage to meet your exact skincare requirements.

The six-stage transformational facial includes:

  1. Cleanse & Prep
    – Specially formulated active cleanser which starts the exfoliation process to prepare for the peel.
  2. Peel & Treat
    – An active ingredient peel will be selected for you based on your skins needs.
  3. WOW Fusion®
    – A unique mesotherapy cocktail is created for your skin type and delivered using this revolutionary needling device
  4. WOW light
    – The WOW LED mask heals and stimulates using professional strength blue, red and green LED lights.
  5. ‘The Mask’
    – The WOW mask is a cult beauty classic surcharging the skin with hydration and peptides.
  6. Finish & Protect
    – The ideal finishing solution, a hydrating eye cream and SPF50 will be applied.

The WOW facial incorporates the WOW fusion® device which is an innovative micro needling tool that allows the practitioner to create a tailor-made cocktail of nutrients for your skin based on your specific needs, contained in a glass vial and delivered by 20 very fine gold-plated needles, which create small punctures in the skin to allow the skin care ingredients to be delivered.   This treatment can be given as a stand-alone treatment.

WOW Facial
WOW Facial £250
WOW Fusion £150
  • image9-e1644872895781.jpeg
    30- 90 minutes
  • image8-e1644872938468.jpeg
  • image7-e1644873018602.jpeg
  • image6-e1644873093296.jpeg
    some redness
  • image5-e1644873130726.jpeg
    up to 3 months

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