About Plasma Pro Plasma Pen

Plasma Pro is an advanced non-surgical skin tightening device that enables the lifting and tightening of sagging skin and the safe non-surgical removal of skin tags.

Plasma Pro device delivers precise plasma energy via the ultrafine 0.03 millimetre probe treating a variety of skin concerns.  Especially useful when treating around the delicate eye area for example.

At your appointment full details of the treatment/s, possible complications and side effects and after care will all be discussed thoroughly.  This treatment does incur some downtime due to microdots left on the skin post treatment if used for skin tightening, which may take up to two weeks to heal.

Plasma Pro Plasma Pen
Skin tag removal £50
Mini facelift £350
Acne scarring £150
Upper Eyes £250
Lower Eyes £250
Crows feet £200
Frown lines £250
Forehead £350
Upper and Lower lip lines £250
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    1 hour area dependant
  • image8-e1644872938468.jpeg
    Up to 2 weeks, with strict SPF usage for 12 weeks
  • image7-e1644873018602.jpeg
    Up to 12 weeks for maximum results
  • image6-e1644873093296.jpeg
    Brown scabs present on treatment area, redness, swelling and pain
  • image5-e1644873130726.jpeg
    More than one treatment may be required, area dependant

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